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    Quote Originally Posted by MitchLyons View Post
    Looks awesome! Jerod Boyd is a shredder, awesome that you're getting to tour with bands like that. Please update the thread and let us know how the wood hoops hold up, I've been interested in these kits but I've never known how well wood hoops would hold up in a heavy music setting.
    So I've used them on the last few tours now and there is a verse where I keep time on the floor tom's hoop and there is definitely some marking. Both toms actually get kind of "dirty" regardless haha! I'm sure it's from the sweat combined with the fact I wet my hair before we play. Swallowing dry hair is the WORST.

    If you're looking to get this particular kit I would say go ahead and pull the trigger. I've never gotten more compliments than I have with this guy. Sounds AMAZING and for just under $1000 it's a steal. Sizes are the most perfect IMO too!
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    Even poo can sparkle if you've recently eaten glitter.


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