Well, I finally got around to knocking out those dents. I tried using my little wooden tools and they just really were not cutting it. I ended up using a heat gun and a regular metal hammer. I tapped from the outside in, towards the center of the dent; I heard this is how those dent removal places get those large dents out without stretching the metal.
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I put it between a sawhorse and a work bench; so as to not mess up the bead. I then laid down a cut up inner tube and covered that with a thin cloth; to cut down on the chance for scratches. The scratches that were left behind I think were from the lugs and the only remaining dents are from the washers. I'm quite pleased except for the fact that the P-83 strainer now didn't want to align with the holes in the shell. I tried to bend them and it broke!!! I could have kicked myself in the teeth.
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I believe it can be tig welded together. I know this isn't typically done for welding two pieces of magnesium together, but it's worth a shot. If not, I may take it to a local college that teaches Machinery and see if they can't manufacture one for me. I will have to take off those E style retaining rings somehow so they can take measurements. I know it will no longer be Original, but at this point, I would rather have it working than spend $90 on a vintage strainer just for that one piece. Let me know if you guys have any ideas, or a F'd up strainer with that piece still in good condition that you would be willing to sell.