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    Default Power problems - Poor sound through mains - no sound in headphones

    We had a problem with our mimic-pro on Sunday where the brain box would power on/off but make little or crappy sounds through our main speakers and headphones were getting nothing. We tried several power down/up with no success. One or our drummers final turned the power strip on/off and fixed everything. We found the following post that describes a similar problem:

    Do any of the Pearl masters have comments or solutions?

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    The issue with losing sound could definitely be linked to the power supply.
    Please be sure that the 2 slot power cord is firmly connected to the power supply.
    If it is loose, you won't get full power and the unit will not perform.
    Turning it on and off quickly trying to get it back is like turning off your computer quickly and turning it back on.
    It takes a minute to boot up correctly and that is why it worked when you turned off the power supply.
    Let us know if this problem persists and we will gladly get the unit repaired.
    Bob Sabellico - Product Manager - Pearl Electronic Percussion Division


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