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    Default Midi Routing to DAW

    I have configured the kick, snare, and toms to route correctly to Cubase by assigning the appropriate "Midi Out Channel / Note".
    For example: kick = B0(35) , snare = D1(38) , tom 1 = A1(45 , etc.
    I have not been able to set my hi-hat and controller. I am using a Roland FD 8 and a Pintech pad.
    Pleased help.

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    I don’t know if my problem is related but when I link my Redbox to Cubase via USB & select it, i get all of my Channels mapped correctly but the issue is that the hi hat & the controller don’t seem to talk to each other. It seems that the open hat & closed hat make the same sound regardless of peddle position. How do these three need to be setup so that the midi note is responsive to the peddle position?


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