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    Quote Originally Posted by dexplosion View Post
    This is the kit sorta Bonham style.
    Hmmmm .... AFAIK, Bonham tuned his kit much higher than that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dale w miller View Post
    His playing obviously had a huge part in it as well.
    No doubt about that.

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    Yeah the boxy sound of Mick Fleetwood on Rumours I never did understand though it worked out fine for the album, LOL....I guess it was by design but when you listen to the production of drums say on Heart's Barracuda recorded just a mere year later it's like daylight to dark to me. There was a lot of good drum production in the mid to late 70's done then some that make you scratch your head cause you know the artist had the time and money and one of those to me is McCartney and Wings, I always thought their drum sound could've been so much better.
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    I watched the documentary Sound City. If I remember correctly, Mick heard some of the dynamic drum recordings they were doing at the time and chose them to record Fleetwood Mac because of it. Yet, the album(s) lack any sonic depth or tone in the drums.
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