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    Default Floor Tom Out of Round?

    So I finally got time to rearrange my music room to setup my new DMP kit. I got the 3 piece 24/13/16. I am doing my tribute to Bonzo so I had ordered a 14" rt and 18" ft. (You may have seen my other post where I was surprised to see that the 14" rt has 8lugs.) Anyway, I go to install new heads on the 18" and find that the shell is out of round on the reso end. Batter side is fine, new head swap was normal. But when working with the reso end, I thought something was amiss when removal of the stock head didn't go smoothly. Seems the hoop is out of round, and that has caused the shell to follow. I am looking at getting it replaced. But, do you guys think the shell may correct itself if I remove the bad hoop?

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    It's possible but it would take quite a while for it to do so and it would never go back to being perfectly round.


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