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  1. Demon Speeding

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    Default Vintage maple shell value?

    I'm looking for some older Pearl maple shells that I can piece together for a project kit, unless I can find a full kit that has the components I want. What I need to know is how to judge the value of a vintage Pearl maple shell. I live in Canada and it seems most of the good stuff is found in the US so paying for shipping alone can eat into my budget. Does a vintage maple shell hold it's value to the point where you'd expect to pay the same as if you were purchasing a more current and used Masters series maple shell?

    The bass drum here is advertised on ebay as a Made in Japan, KISS-era 22" bass drum shell in Silver Pearl. From the description, I would assume this to be a mid to late 70's maple shell. The seller wants $232 for the shell alone - no hardware or hoops. Is this a reasonable price considering I'd also have to pay around $100 to have it shipped?

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    I would not spend that kind of cash for this shell...Not even for a new Master's shell. Unless this is your rare ultra unicorn drum that you can make to match your dream vintage kit I would move forward. It depends on how bad you want it.
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    No hardware or hoops? Grossly overpriced.

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    $300 for that is not a good deal. To give a you a an idea, I got a Masters Studio 20x16 kick and 15 inch floor tom on ebay for $400 both in really nice condition.

  5. Rockin' the Cosmos..

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    that auction has been on ebay forever and there's a reason why ... the shell alone is not worth that cash nor would it be with hardware .. it's not from 70's either because it has 80-83 badges and it's Silver Satin wrap .. the seller is delusional .. he threw that KISS era crap in there to make some fanboy buy it ..lulz
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