I use the player setlist function with associated click tracks and use this for live performance for playing special effects, sounds, etc. that otherwise couldn’t be produced by a band member. By design, the setlist plays through every song without stopping. I need to manually pause the set list after each song so that the next one does not start too early (depending on what may be happening on stage).

I’m not sure if anyone has reported this issue that I am having. If I need to skip a song or two, due to a last-minute change in the setlist (that never happens, right?), I press Pause, advance through the setlist, and select the desired song. However, it will not always play the correct song when pushing Play! The odds of the correct song playing (as displayed) is not 100% reliable. Since some songs have a similar tempo, it is impossible to tell if the correct song is going to play with just a 2-measure count-off of the click track. This can lead to obvious disaster.

I hope this issue is on Pearl’s radar for a fix in a future update.

Some added functionality to the player would be welcome as well - such as providing an option to play through the set list “manually” where the setlist pauses at the end of each song and the next song can be manually started by pushing Play, via midi trigger, or via drum trigger input assignment. I believe such an enhancement would further separate this flagship product from the competition as the premier drum module in the market.