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  1. Not Your Everyday Drummer

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    Learned piano and various instruments in school band as a kid. However, I didnít start with the drums until 2001. By then I already had a good sense of rhythm, some basic theory, and a general knowledge about how to play drums. I would practice on a chair before I got my first kit, using the backrest as the Hi-Hat, the seat as the snare, and the floor as my kick. When I did get my kit, I could already play was what popular on MTV and TRL (who remembers THAT?!) by ear.

    Eventually, I went to college for music for a few years, but left due to having my first child. Technically, I took two years of lessons, and while they were rudimentary in most ways, I learned how to read sheet music for drums - which was a skill Iíd lacked up to that point. Since then Iíve been able to teach myself through listening and reading independently. Iíve also had a few students over the years.

    Fun ride so far!

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    I started with school band, just playing on a drum pad basically. From 7 until about 13 or 14, I took lessons. My instructor did some gigs as well, was easy enough to learn from but got to a point where I wanted to learn some other styles more tailored to my musical taste and decided to stop taking lessons. Learned the basics and worked my way up - quarter/eighth/sixteenth patterns, latin, jazz, dabbled with some different time signatures.

    A lot of the jazz stuff - and my instructor reminded me of this from time to time - made it easier to learn other things because of the limb independence required. I found myself becoming more interested in metal and basically put an end to my lessons to a) treat it more as a hobby that I could really enjoy and play what I wanted and b) TEACH myself what I wanted. Long story short, the basics and some not-so-basics I learned from lessons, and double bass and some other patterns I taught myself or just picked up fooling around.


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