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    Quote Originally Posted by RushDrums24 View Post
    I cant say I like the style, the cymbals and carbon fibre module make it look too weird, I preferred the Roland style, more understated. As for the pad tech, I wouldn't know unless i'd tried it and felt the rebound etc. Module looks like a TD-25 style, which is ok, but more variety is always appreciated, and will probably be limiting in its functions, the mimic pro, or a baby version may have been a better idea, I see this being the way forward for most e-drum modules in the future.
    Good points

    The trend with Roland now seems to be putting less features into a product in order to keep the price from going up. I recently bought their flagship RD-2000 digital piano and the same it true. It has less sounds and less features than the previous model which was the same price.

    With that said, it's good that they do use the latest quality sounds (even though the are less sounds and less features).
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    my thoughts;;
    keep the pads , simple , but effective ...and plentiful,, in tom sizes and cymbal diameters

    the modules have to be the opposite
    , now what i mean is not complex, like with 60 kits two of which most users will play....with like 80's style interfaces what i mean is ... my latest phone cant outclass my drum module ,lol the module NEEDS to be expandable AND customizable
    i dont hold out much hope for that korg module , but thank god they already have the mimic already
    remember , this just going by the pictures these could be amazing sounding ....but , i'm not in love with the straight outa 1980 lookin module
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