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    Quote Originally Posted by 510man View Post
    ??? The VH13 is Roland so I'm no sure why we went over to ATV on this HH question. I have an ATV ride on backorder though so we'll jump off that bridge when it arrives.
    I did not quoted you, I added reply to others might using ATV, are not build the same as Roland on hihat edge switch.
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    Circling back on this one. I set the maximum velocity yet again. This time with the intent of getting a setting over 1200. To do that, I had to beat the crap out of the HH with the butt end of the stick. However, with a setting over 1200, the sounds are much more balanced. Open HH sounds are still too loud but it's much improved. That defies all logic. I'd NEVER play the HH that way. Why setting its velocity well beyond what anyone will actually pay results in better dynamic balance between samples is a mystery. Again, not perfect, but a lot better.

    Pearl still needs to add this SW adjustment get things right.


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