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    This is what that overhead setup sounds like.

    Sound file goes CAD M179s, Cascade Fathead, then all three.
    Other mics are D112 on kick, ATM230s on toms, and cheapo Nady on snare.
    Only thing done is panning and a slight 250hz dip across the board.

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    I'm personally a big fan of the Rode M5. Although the market is flooded with a lot of similar options, the M5 is super budget-friendly and just so good overall that it makes a lot of sense for any budget-conscious buyer of overhead mics.

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    When i use small-diaphragm condenser mics as room micsI do what Steve Albini likes to do and tape them to the floor, which makes them act more like boundry mics. But 90% of the time I much prefer to use the darkest pair of ribbon mics available, which are hopefully Coles 4038's or Royer 121's. On a budget, the cascade fatheads are awesome darkiish mics with some nice low-end heft. I like to position them low, like knee or shin level, because in many rooms the cymbals tend to project upwards and you get more drums down low. In most cases, you're already dealing with more cymbal sound than you want (especially from mic bleed), so I always try to minimize cymbals in my room mics. I love compressing my room mics, to make the room sound bigger than it is. If you don't have a big room, and you're using cardioid room mics, you can point the mics away from the kit and even put some kind of baffles between the mics and the kit. Or put them in another room.

    And as a side-note brand loyalty is especially absurd when it comes to recording. Shure make good mics, but so do hundreds of other brands. Shure doesn't make a low-cost ribbon mic. Years ago they bought out a small company named Crowley & Tripp who made some realy cool, durable ribbon mics. They rebranded their mics to Shure KSM models and literally doubled their prices.
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    I agree with thismercifulfate on using cheap ribbon mics for rooms. I have a pair of Nady RSM-2s that do the job nicely and didn't break the bank. And yes, lower is better with room mics (just not too low, experiment to see where they sound best in your room).
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