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  1. The Hardware Guy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tasty808 View Post
    Are you left handed? Trying to figure out why your bigger crashes are on the left...
    Oh that's easy - it's because there's no rule that sizes have to go left to right as they get bigger

    22", 22", 8", 10", 12", 13", 14", 16", 18"
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  2. J-Con

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thrush View Post
    Oh that's easy - it's because there's no rule that sizes have to go left to right as they get bigger
    Lol, I know that friend. I was just trying to imagine his set up and I'm picturing two 18" crashes on the left (over the hats) and a 16" crash over a 20" crash used as a ride? I'd love to see a pic of the op's current rig.

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    I personally would prefer a 17" to 20" Zildjian K Sweet Crash or a Zildjian K Custom Hybrid to use as a Crash/Ride on that side.

    I tend to go with them cause they come through the mix well and blend nicely but they aren't as bright/cutting to me as some of the A Customs can be.
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    Sometimes I set my cymbals up L 2 R big 2 small and sometimes I don't!

  5. Music Lover

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    If the crash sound is too "gongy," you probably want a thinner cymbal. Peace and goodwill.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stuffed Chimp View Post
    How does the giant beat fit tonally with your signature crashes?
    It fits very well. In fact I like it better than my former Sig 20" Full Crash Reflector. The GB opens up faster, has an incredibly beautiful shimmer up top (like a distant vintage phone ring) and also offers a somewhat low pitched "bed" of sound when played lightly. It doesn't have high volume as the Sig Full of same size, but it just sounds so beautiful, I'm keeping it. Through the microphones it sounds even better, and that GB is at its best when I don't use any EQ whatsoever. I'm very happy with this cymbal.
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    Wow I completely forgot about this thread. Need to get email notifications!

    Anyway been a while and I've been through a bunch of stuff and even changed my setup a touch. I've always felt the Proj crashes had too much hum as they decay. I originally tried to just replace the 16 on the right, but started to realise how loud the 18" was compared to the rest of my stuff. The 16" is the perfect volume to mesh but not a great sound.

    I've since removed both proj crashes from the left and right and only run a single 18" EFX on the left.

    So now it's 18" efx, 13" ms hats, 10" splash, 20" proj crash, 12" chopper, 14" swissflanger. I'm pretty happy with the setup but occasionally i go to crash on the right and it's just air haha.

    So in the mean time I've tried:

    20" K Custom Special Dry: great sound, just didn't blend with my brighter stuff.
    18" Kerope: best cymbal I've ever heard for sure, but had some hum on the decay. For that price I couldn't justify a cymbal I wasn't 100% happy with.
    18" Avedis Crash/Ride: Hum city!
    16" A Custom EFX: I really like the 18" EFX, but the 16" isn't brilliant. Seems to get lost in the mix easy and doesn't have any body.
    18" A Custom Fast Crash: more hum
    18" A Custom Crash: SO MUCH HUM!
    Another 20" COD: Same issue. Love the sound but takes over the kit too easily. If I ever find an 18" I'm scooping it up immediately!

    Anyway I've had an 18" EFX for a while and I really dig it. I kept thinking I should get a different sound on the right but I can't find anything I like at this point. I decided to order another 18" EFX as I know no two Zildjians sound the same (tried out a set of 18" A custom crashes side by side, and they seriously sounded completely different). So I'll have an EFX on the left and right side. Will see how it goes. Worse case scenario I'll just return it and stick with the single EFX on the left, and nothing on the far right.
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