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    Default Pearl Session Studio Select wrap finishes

    I may be looking into one of these as my next kit. I love the idea of the thin birch/mahogany shells and the finish selections are pretty spot on. I do have a few questions about the wrap finishes though.
    A) I know they're quality Delmar wraps, but are they glued all the way around? A friend of mine told me that the wraps on the Masters MCX kits weren't thoroughly glued down.
    B) Are the wrap seams treated in a certain way to insure they won't lift down the road?
    C) How susceptible would they be to bubbling/yellowing/etc?

    I apologize in advance for my skepticism. I've had some iffy experiences with wraps on mid-line kits.

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    I think if a wrapped drum is exposed to sunlight (at least here in Aus) it doesn't matter what brand it is or how much it cost, it's going to wrinkle.
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    I think there is always more potential for issues (bubbling, seam separating, tearing, discoloration, etc.) down the road with a wrap versus a lacquer finish. Of corse you have to be extra careful about scratching or denting a lacquer. I think it all comes down to how you care for your drums with either type of finish. I wouldn’t let a lacquer finished kit be exposed to sunlight for long periods of time either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paisteSFguy View Post
    A) I know they're quality Delmar wraps, but are they glued all the way around? A friend of mine told me that the wraps on the Masters MCX kits weren't thoroughly glued down.
    No. Pearl uses 2 strips of double sided tape at seams.
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    I would not buy any wrapped kit that isn't 100% glued to the shell, you are asking for problems down the road otherwise. For the most part Pearls sparkle finishes are lacquer anyhow
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    Here's a pretty comprehensive article on the subject. Way more to consider than I would have thought.

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    I wouldn’t You have a wraped shell anyway. There are too many problems to deal with, wrinkling, pulling away, discoloration, and last but not least they choke the shell. Quite plainly put, this is just my opinion “they stink”. Now the one trade-off is, if you get a raped kit like a studio session select or a music city custom you should be able to get it in about two weeks. But that’s all you gain in my opinion a quick turnaround time. If you’re looking for quality go ahead and step up to the lacquer finish and have some patience and you’ll get a nicer kit.
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