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I agree .. I know this ..I'll be first to tell you that in the grand scheme of things what a shell is made of plays such a small role in a drums sound .. IMO it's all about the bearing edges, the shell thickness and of course heads and tuning .. But as you know a Hardwood will make a drum shell resonate better than a Softwood .. your last line struck a chord with me .. I owned an MMX and played a lot on a friends MBX .. one was 4 ply Maple w/re-rings .. other was 4 ply Birch w/re-rings .. guess what? Same heads, same tuning and they sounded exactly the same .. Pearl axed the MBX saying not being cost effective and other mumbo jumbo, but I believe they were selling more MBX's than MMX's and people caught on that they sounded the same, but you could buy the MBX much cheaper
This is why i love this forum. Lots of knowledgeable peeps in here.