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    Thanks for all your replies and input. It's great to hear different input from different perspectives. D4L you make some interesting points in that it's hard to compare shells from different drum makers. They really are like comparing Apples to Oranges and it's hard to understand why, even when 2 different makers shells are very close in build.
    Luckily, I was able to find and test drive an MRV Kit yesterday in Birmingham, Al. and tho it didn't sound identical to the DW collectors, it did have the same qualities in tone with the warm, round, buttery, eq'd tone that my ear seems to like. Especially the kick.. Such a round, low end rumble... The MRV is definitely the kit I was hoping it would be and I'll be placing an order next week.. Again, thanks for all the info and replies.

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    ^Back in the 90s when the box stores actually had top end kits, you could sit on a Premier Signia, DW, Pearl Masters, Starclassic Maple, etc., and while they had their differences, they all had that round maple tone that brought me back to a maple kit.

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    Cool Where was the MRV in Birmingham? Was it a color you liked? What were the tom depths ? Were you going to gig the kit you order? If so do you have any thoughts about a wrap or are you going to order a custom color in MRV? just pesky questions
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