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Thank you. I know it's cliché, yet truly I can't achieve (or haven't yet!!) a pic that best represents this lacquer sparkle job of Pearls. I can't remember why I picked the TH88, maybe it was on sale. I had that old equivalent of the AX-25 laying around from the early 2000's that I am employing to hold the tom holder. It works for me. I really miss the Tama mounting system, I know the Pearl Optimounts can be used with other drums, how bout the Tama Starcast mounting system would they work with Pearl drums?
I don't think it's worth the effort/expense to try. You would need Tama Starcast diecast hoops with the special holes that accommodate the Statcast tom mounts. OR, they make (made) universal hoop grips (HPGP) that can be attached to hoops, but they may not be available, and they may not fit Pearl Superhoops, because Superhoops are thicker than standard Tama hoops.