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    Quote Originally Posted by Riggz View Post
    Thanks! The Claves fell behind the Hammond organ (rolled off the top) and may be inside... that's going to take some work to dig out. ha ha
    Hahaha! Oops

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    The sticks look great. How’s the weight and balance?

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    The weight and balance...

    I can get close to 5 or 6 grams matched pair on the same piece of wood if I don't bust any. That's rare as I often crack a few toward the end and then it requires a few more sticks to get one that's close in weight. The others sit waiting for a mate or just get used no matter what. I'm not so proficient that weight matching is going to make or break my playing.

    I've really only done a few and broken as many. Now the wood is gone, the garages are colllllld and my fun was had. I've had more realistic enjoyment just taking bulk blanks and dressing them up for myself. The stains and lacquer don't add much weight and the balance was good from the start.

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