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  1. Starclassic Guy

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    Jan 2003
    Alliance, OH

    Default Tama starclassic b/b lacquer ocean blue ripple

    I did a thing today. My big kit is no more. The three rack toms and 16" floor tom and kick are now my gigging and working kit. So here's the new ones in all their awesomeness. And they sound better than they look.

    Sizes are:
    8x7, 10x8, 12x9 rack toms
    14x12, 16x14, 18x16 floor toms
    22x18 kick drum
    12x4 metalworks side snare
    14x6.5 SLP black brass snare

    All sabians:
    14, 18, 19 xplosion crashes
    8, 10 12 splashes
    17, 19 xtreme chinas
    14 xplosion hi harts
    10 splash 10 holy china stack
    21 raw bell dry ride
    18 medium crash
    13 evolution hats

    Tama road pro cymbal holders and hardware on a Gibraltar road series rack

    Iron cobra double pedal speed cobra legless hi hat stand

    Assorted vater sticks
    Attached Images Attached Images <---- My Drums

    Formerly TreCoolFool


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