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    Default My Pearl Roadshow Setup Updated

    My upgraded setup

    Also, my heads are mixed and match because I had the Emperor on a different drum kit, and the Powerstroke 3 was a free head that came with a Pinstripe Pro pack. I was originally going to use Ambassadors on the toms and a CS Dot on the snare. Needless to say, the drums sound good especially the floor tom and snare. I managed to tune the floor tom high for jazz, and I also cranked the snare high

    Pearl Roadshow Bop kit 4 piece RS584C

    Snare: 13x5
    Rack tom: 10x7
    Floor tom 14x10

    Snare: Remo Weatherking Coated Vintage Emperor
    Rack Tom: Remo Ambassador Coated
    Rack Tom Resonant: Evans Level 360 Genera Reso
    Floor tom: Remo PowerStroke P3 coated
    Kick: Stock batter and resonant

    HiHats: Wuhan Western Style 14"
    Crash: Wuhan Western Style 16" Thin
    Splash Zildjian A Splash 8" I picked it up yesterday (used of course) for $54.99! My favorite cymbal.
    Ride Wuhan Western Style 20" Medium Heavy ride

    Cymbal stand: Unknown Double Braced
    Boom arm: Modified Gibraltar boom arm

    I swapped the 6mm tilter on the Gibraltar boom to the 8mm tilter on the tom mount cymbal stand

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    Pearl, Wuhan, Vic Firth, Evans and Remo, and Vater practice pad.

    I want some Zildjians.

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