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    Quote Originally Posted by therocker View Post
    I'd really like to see the drum. I clicked the link. Let it try to load for 5 minutes straight. Nothing.

    Happy you got it given to you though. Cool. Congrats!
    Hope OP doesn't mind...

    Name:  KTAkBr7.jpg
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  2. sdrawkcab

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    yes, all behold the cluttered rehearsal room haha! The blue ones are a set of 1960's Pearls.
    I've been on the forum for 11 years??? What the heck have I been doing all this time??

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    Quote Originally Posted by dexplosion View Post
    Hope OP doesn't mind... <img src=""/>
    Thank you. Holy behemoth snares. That is cool. And free to boot. My basement/drum room is/was a mess. So much so that I broke all my drums down a few days ago and covered them up. Some need cleaned. Some need played. Some need sold. What to do?

    Happy for you and the black matches the kit.

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