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    Default setting up triggers

    Anyone here fiddle around with converting their acoustic kit , and putting on mesh heads and triggers? Im new to this , i currently have my pearl masters (13,16,18,24,14sd) with mesh heads and ddrum redshot triggers going into the ddrum ddti interface into my computer using ezdrummer. Just having trouble with adjusting parameters and getting them to not double trigger and really dial them in. Anyone have any info that could help me get better at this?
    Thanks in advance

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    Unfortunately, the DDTI is not a great trigger module. It is simply a rebranded Alesis Trigger IO. If you're using mesh heads there are a couple of tricks you can do to help with double triggering. The best is to take an old drumhead, cut the metal hoop off of it and place it inside your mesh head. This will add a little bit of volume but will really help keep the head from vibrating too much and reduce double triggering. Once that is done, it all comes down to setting up each drum. Start with your kick. Make sure the trigger type is set to PP. Adjust the gain so your absolute loudest hit triggers a 127 volume. Next, play your softest and increase the threshold until you don't get any of your lightest hits and then back it down a notch or two. Turn X-Talk and retrigger down for now and move on to your other drums setting the gain and threshold. Once all of the drums are set up go back and increase Retrigger as little as possible to eliminate double triggering. Lastly, increase X-Talk on any drums that you have a problem with. For example, if you hit your floor and the kick triggers, increase X-Talk on the kick. I hope this helps.
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