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    Ended? Kick some ***, Lonny!
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    Twenty 15 Hi Hat -Twenty Custom 17/20 Full Crash
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    Good luck Lonny on your audition. I understand what your what your saying RD but I try to steer clear of the negative comments but sometimes it’s tough. It’s kind of like trying to quite a baby with full diapers. I’m a real busy drummer in 3 bands now . I will be 64 in two weeks but there is still plenty of fire left . There isn’t much money in this as we all know from humping our gear in and out of clubs but it’s still fun . Don’t let the curtain climbers get to you.
    6 pc Masters Premium Diamond Burst
    6 pc Masters MMX /BRX Midnight Fade
    Sensitone nickel over Brass & Aluminum snares
    Zildjian As&Ks


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