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    We were last in CS at Christmas in 2003. Rode the train up Pikes Peak which was a great view. Was keen to see the Air Force Academy, but at the time it was not open to the public as a consequence of 9/11.
    We hiked up Manitou Mountain with dehydrated food, and then got to the foot of Pikes Peak. We climbed up to the top and they were out of Coca-Cola and all soft drinks. I got really angry because my mind had been set on a Coke since timberline. After a night we continued the hike down the mountain and through winding trails. We stopped and planted trees and cleared debris for 24 hours in 2 and a half days. Then our scoutmasters friend brought his truck to us and we went home. The nicest part of the trip was that this was my Boy Scout troop from Gallup, NM (which made Gallup tolerable for me), and I had already moved to Albuquerque. We each got the 50 Mile, Pack and Hike Awards. They stopped at my parent's house and my dad bbq'd for us. Then off we went! Later that year I got my Eagle and then quit. I had no interest in Explorers as I was beginning to play out and becoming delinquent. I started to play drums in Gallup, 1st just snare and got my 1st kit in about 1964 from Montgomery Wards.
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    MCX RED GLASS 22" X 18," 14" x 6.5", 10" X 8", 12" X 9", 14" x 11", 16" X 14", 18" x 16", and Sabians
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