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    Default Shane Gaalaas reference pure setup

    Anyone see his new video, "Recollection Epilogue" Playthrough.
    I was watching it and noticed his toms are super shallow and his 10" tom is actually using different lugs then the rest of the kit.
    I imagine it's because there isn't enough room to actually fit the STL lugs.
    Also a 22x15 kick. Didn't realize you could get custom sizes in the reference pure.
    Seems more like a masterworks kind of thing.

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    " his custom Reference Pure kit and Reference Series snare drum. 22x15 / 10x6 / 12x7 / 16x13 / 18x15 / 14x6.5 snare drum"{

    keyword here is custom and he's a Pearl artist .. those sizes aren't on RP configs or available to public unless masterworks


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