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    Default [SNARE TEST] Tamburo Opera Jazz Zebrawood 14X5 made in Italy

    Hi amigos,

    Let me introduce my new Tamburo Opera Zebrawood, Jazz serie 14*5.
    The snare is handmade in San Omero, Italy. I owned the same one in 14*8 + 14*6.5. This one sounds absolutely awesome too. This is one of my favorite snare in fact.
    The shell is made of Zebrawood – Maple – Zebrawood with a Beech re-rings + Epoxy bearing edge. This is a patented concept inherent to the Opera Serie. The snare is very versatile, I just love it !

    Spec :

    - Multilayer staves design shells
    - Made with selected North American Maple and Beech (re-rings) 7-ply / 7,5mm
    - Epoxy resin rounded bearing edge
    - TRULC Die cast Strainer
    - Die-cast hoops
    - EVANS drumheads
    - Die cast Special Tamburo lugs
    - Originally manufactured with Evans G1

    Demo : (3 mics, no compression, no effect, flat EQ) :

    Pictures :

    Tamburo Opera Zebrawood
    20X16 / 10x8 / 12x8 / 14x14
    Tama Starphonic Bubinga 14x6 snare

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    That is a beautiful snare.

  3. A Passion Play ...

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    Sweet snare for sure.
    Eric G : Pearl,pAiSTe,Remo,Vic Firth,SKB,Roc n Soc,Roland V-Drums. Icon 501. Masters MCX Chestnut Fade
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    Nice snare! I like the sound of the low-tuning the best

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