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    Default I Need a New 20" Crash


    I need to replace a 20" Paiste RUDE Thin Crash. This "thin" crash is around medium heavy in normal cymbal weighting. Very similar to the 2002 Medium.

    I am a heavy enough hitter, but nothing silly and I do not crack cymbals from playing.

    I really love the RUDE but I feel that something different could be nice now, while I have the chance.

    The RUDE is essentially a more raw sounding 2002 Medium, so the 20" Medium is a natural alternative.

    I do quite like the sound of the 20" Giant Beat, more so than the 20" 2002 Crash.

    How do medium thin cymbals hold up to heavier playing in terms of cracking?
    I don't crack cymbals, though this RUDE replacement is down to a crack forming from an edge dent made after a heavy fall =( .

    In what way would a 20" medium thin feel different to a medium heavy when crash riding?

    Many thanks all!

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    I'm an average/medium hitter and prefer to use medium rides as crashes. Most medium weight rides in 18" - 20" work well for me.

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    I love my 20" 2002 Medium. You really can't go wrong with any 2002 20". The regular and Power models are outstanding as well.

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    I think that a 2002 crash would compliment your thin Rude well. It is not quite as strong and forceful (sound wise) as the 2002 medium (which, i agree, is very similar to the thin rude - at least in the 18" sizes that I checked out) - but it has a whole lot of cut. The other option is to look at something completely different - maybe a 20" Paiste Twenty Masters full crash (if you can find one) - it is a hell of a nice crash but substantially darker and lower pitched to the Rude/2002 lines. I often use my 20" 2002 and 20" Twenty crashes together (with 15" 2002 SE hats and a 22" 2002 ride) to great effect as you then have a darker and a brighter crash to vary your sound. I use the Twenty as my primary / left side crash and the 2002 as my right side crash as I use it to also crash-ride on. Its a great combo.
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