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    Default VSX Head questions

    So a little while back I picked up a 6pc Vision VSX in champagne sparkle for gigging in the sizes I have been looking at for some time. 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 20. I had been wanting a wrapped kit with a smaller kick for some time and the price was right. Also, the only issue it had a some small hoop rash from the pedal. These things look brand new. My question is, I want to replace the heads and didnt know what any of you thought about selection. These are the 6/8 ply Visions and didnt know what may sound better for them. I.E. different heads/plys from rack toms to floors? I ask cause of the different ply layup on these drums. I have a Tama SCP (all birch) and rum Aquarian Super 2's on them and get a great sound with the thin shells. Any input, experience or advise is appreciated.
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    VSX is a birch/basswood shell. In my experience, they prefer mid tunings, so you'll want a clear 2 ply to get some extra low end out of them, so Response 2 would probably be your best bet

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    I had the same set in gun metal sparkle .. I sold it a few years ago and bought 'up' into the MCX series. I love my MCX's but I'm really sorry I sold my VSX kit. I used it to gig a lot. I used Evans EC2 clear batters and Remo Black Ambassador reso's .. Powerstroke 2 batter and EMad reso on the kick. I thought those combinations sounded killer on those drums ..
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    I gig my VSX almost weekly. I would LOVE to find a 20" kick VSX set! Nice score!

    Currently, I run clear EC2's over G1's on my toms, and it's great! I have run coated G2's over G1's, and that's been awesome as well. In some smaller rooms I've played in, I'd throw a moon gel on the G2's, thus why I decided to try the EC2's. I have an EMAD 2 on the kick batter, and a smooth white EQ3 (with port) on the reso.

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    I have to agree with the EC2 clear and G1's on the bottom. I've gigged G2's on top but EC2's seem to hold up longer and project better for me. I tried EC2 frosted and in choked all sizes. Remos don't last for me and I stopped using pinstripes a long time ago.
    I don't use different heads due to the different shell thickness. Love my VSX's. I have been gigging with them since 2007 when the first and best version was released. 8-14TT, 16,18FT & 2-22" kicks. #437 Gunmetal sparkle.
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    Seems to be common to run a clear 2 ply head as batters. I've tried a few combos and have stuck with clear G2's on the rack toms over G1's with clear EC2'S on the floor toms. The EC2's really control the floor toms and give you that gut busting punch. The most notable change is switching from G1's as resos to Evans resonant glass. The G1's give you a lower overall tone with a shorter sustain while the resonant glass series gives you a brighter sound with a little more sustain.

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