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    At first I was going to remind you to remove that tom mount after you're all settled, but the way you have it situated in that photo gave me an idea. You could leave that mount on, and make a min splash holder out of a CH-1000 (or whatever the current model is), and attach it to the tom mount. If you cut it down in size, you will dramatically reduce the weight of the cymbal holder. Just an idea.
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    hmmmm. now you have me thinking...

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    Quote Originally Posted by MotoJesus View Post
    Ordered my new kit (first one in 30 years) on Jan 4th, birthdate on inside of the shell shows Jan. 10th, had them arrive at my local store on Jan 14th. 24x18 bass drum, 13x9 tom and 16x18 floor tom . All in Black Diamond finish, they look incredible and sound even better. I am however changing the batter heads of the 2 toms over to Evans hydraulics (old habits die hard). But for now i am leaving the Bass drum alone as it sounds HUGE. So far i like everything about them lugs and hoops are great, spurs are rock solid, everything about it screams quality. Now i just need to spring for a new set of cases. My old set was a pearl world series , a 7 pc chrome finish set i ordered new in 1988 or 89. I still have it and intend to keep it for a dueling drum setup in the music room.
    Nice set! I remember the World Series. Knew a guy in Virginia back around '88 who had a set in chrome. Good drums, too. Upstaged my new Exports.


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