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    Default Poplar Shells Drum Head Outcomes (newbie here)

    Hey everyone!! Just got a Roadshow poplar 5 piece from Santa and am curious what head combos folks are using to get these things to sing. I did a coated Evans 360 on tops and some basic Genera Resonants on bottoms but it seems I really need to smack these things hard to get a stable tone to ring with less-than-quality sounds when playing soft. Of course, I understand that these things are a personal choice and preference thing but I'd like to hear what others are putting on these things and what styles/genres they are being used.

    Thanks, Santa!...and thanks, Pearl!!

    It's been almost 18 years since I really played drums as I'm a classically trained brass player (yeah, tuning and pitch drive me nuts!) so I'm looking to be as resourceful in jumping back in the drumming scene.
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    Hmmm; one ply clear heads tuned a little tighter maybe?
    Mapex Saturn V in deep water ash burl:

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    I like clear Evans G2 over clear G1 for all my toms ( 10, 12, 14, 16 ). Peace and goodwill.
    Mark Wellman ><>

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