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    Default Eliminator Redline Axle with Bearing?

    It was time to scrap the old bearings on my eliminators (along with some other parts). I changed all of them except the one that is connected to the axle on the master pedal. I don't see a way to remove it without causing damage.
    I can order a new axle with the bearing, but I was wondering if someone can get me the part number for the new Redline model that comes with the upgraded bearings? I don't see an updated spare parts catalog listed.
    Ultimately I would have liked to have used the bearings I bought. But since it looks like I can't, I would rather use the ninja bearing than the stock older model eliminator bearing. The part number for the older model is ME-503B if it helps.

    I'm assuming the axle assembly is still the same as the older model, just with different bearings.

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    Here are the pieces of the whole thing. You can ignore every other piece except for piece "1".
    E SM-114A Hexagonal Axle Assy.
    1 SM-114B Hexagonal Axle w/Bearing
    2 BE-004 NiNjA Bearing (one each)
    3 ME-741A Axle Sleeve w/Allen Screws

    I was just messing with mine too because I plan to also change my bearings, but that one seems impossible to get out. But what I couldn't even do was removing the whole axle. Seems impossible to do. Can't find yet a way to remove it even if I want to exchange it with the new Redline one...
    How do you remove it?


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