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    Default Two thumbs up to Pearl Customer Service!!

    I bought a 3.5 inch maple free floating snare back in 2003. I figured that I had purchased a wide variety of snare drums wrapped up in one, all I needed to do was purchase replacement free floating shells. Here it is ~ 13 years later and I figured I would like to build on my purchase. I visited the Pearl website and ordered a Piano Black 6.5 inch shell for $140. I also purchased, not from Pearl, 10 of the 6.5” tensioners that I would need for the conversion. After a few days without any follow up from Pearl, except for the initial acknowledgment of purchase, I called customer service. I spoke to Joe (Joey?) who told me that the purchase would be passed down to one of their distributors (dealers?) to be filled. He then proceeded to check the inventory of all the dealers in his network to see where it would come from, and approximately when. He found that, because this item had more or less been discontinued, there were NONE available. He also checked the availability of all 6.5” shells for me, and again found that there were NONE. He looked some more and said that he had a whole 6.5” natural finish maple snare in stock (only one). Naturally I asked if he could sell me the shell only. He replied that he didn’t think that that was likely, but that he would check and get back to me. The next morning he called to tell me that he would be able to strip his snare and sell me the shell -AND APOLOGIZED TO ME THAT IT WASN’T PIANO BLACK! He the coordinated the sale through Drums On Sale, and I have a new 6.5” maple free floating snare in my arsenal! This was a nice surprise for me and a feather in the cap of a great drum company. I would also like to say that Drums On Sale worked with Joe to get the price down to $140 from the current listing of over $200.

    Not to mention, I’m thrilled with 6.5” version of my free floater.

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    Pearl CS and DoS are without a doubt, two of the best retail entities I've ever dealt with.
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