I took my Midtown to an audition for a pop/rock cover band last night and got exactly the reaction I was expecting. When I got the call to audition they told me there would be a kit there but I let them know I would just bring my travel kit because that's what I'm comfortable playing. When I showed up the guys in the band offered to help me bring in my kit so handed the 2 Midtown bags to one guy and the hardware and cymbal bags to the next. The last guy looks at me and says, "Where's the rest of your kit." I just smiled. I got inside and set my kit up (before the guitar player BTW) and got the sort of sideways look I was expecting. My kit looked tiny next to their full size rehearsal kit but I wasn't worried. I clicked off the first song on the audition list and watched 3 jaws drop to the floor. It was obvious that they weren't expecting such a huge sound to some out of my tiny little kit. We played through the set and then got to talking. The topic that came up was my tiny kit. I assured them that I had a full size kit and would be willing to bring it but before I could finish my sentence the rest of the band stopped me and told me that my Midtown kit was perfect. So, there you have it, if you're wondering if this kit can hang with the "big boys" the answer is a resounding YES.