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    Default V2 firmware update?

    After the update finished, with the message on the redbox display "Midi Restore Complete", restarted the Redbox module and now I have no sounds and the firmware still says version 1.0 from Utilites-O/S.

    What I did: MacOs
    1. Loaded the redbox firmware sysex file into the SysEx Librarian windws
    2. Pressed save" button on powerup up Redbox, and indicates it's waiting.
    3. Selected "Redbox Modi Interface" from the pulldown in Sysex Librarian
    4. Hit Play
    5. Rebox display shows Midi Restore Block xxx updating and SysEx librarian progress indicating it's sending message N of 2676 blocks
    6. Rebox record LED flashing.
    7. When complete, display Midi Restore OK.

    Note: if I didn't do Step 3, and hit play, the restore did not execute.
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