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NM is always fighting with Mississippi to be the poorest state in the US and our stupid governor won't legalize a useful herb other than for medical reasons. The whole country could eliminate most poverty by selling it and taxing it; but prohibition still goes on. People like me that stopped all such enhancement (almost 30 years ago), won't start using again if it's legal. The states that did legalize it for recreation are 'rolling in the dough." NM stays poor and dumb.




don't be naive. no one will pull off poverty selling pot .

here the recreative use is about to be legalized, but the gvt wants to be the exclusive distributor-seller. on the other side of the fence, business people are raging over the fact that it looks like the GVT pot will be sold by them only. so bye bye people opportunity to start a business.....the word is already out that people will keep buying their lawn on the blackmarket. better quality, and lower prices with no chances to see the price increasing because of the GVT monopoly of the market.

...on top of that, knowing how the GVT is a tax money thief, do you seriously thing the benefits will bu used to lighten up the tax load on the citizenry ? pfffft, not in a hundred year. they will use the cash in ridiculous and
worthless spendings that doesn't increase the well being of the people.