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    Quote Originally Posted by David Hollywood View Post
    Side shot...
    Nice set up!
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    I figured Mr.Hollywoods thread could use a bump.

    Went to celebrate with my daughter and her Cre for their 22nd Birthday tonight. The place is an open air pavilion and bar and grill.

    Acoustic jam inside - electric rock outside.

    The bands start loading in and I give it some time. Eventually i can hear, but not see, a drum-set being assembled. I'm like " those toms sound amazing."

    A little more time passes and I walk the 50 yrds to get a look at their set-up.

    Pearl Crystal Beats. Clear with drum lights. This is the first time I've ever heard CB's live. I was quite impressed. 10" 12" 16" 22"

    Looked like a 14" steel snare. It had a nice sound too. I didn't crowd or chat them up, but stuck around at a table until sound check was through and watched the first song.

    New Sensation by INXS. There's a song you don't hear covered by a bar band. The drummer goes to crash a cymbal and there's no sound. Seriously, open air, 20 feet away and the only cymbals making any sound are the hats.

    I just thought " wow, those must be really $^*+ cymbals!"

    After the first song I stroll back to our table, cause that's what I do, then not paying much attention to the band a few songs later, I realize the crash cymbal ARE present and they sound pretty good.

    My point, I guess is how crazy venues can be.

    This one, as I mentioned was open air, a lot of corrugated steel and bunch of **** on the walls like Fuddruckers...and it's a rhombus!

    Come back Alex, we miss you!

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    Hey Marty! I'm here! I just haven't been posting much. I haven't had too much to say recently and I was on vacation last week.

    In regards to the Crystal Beat kits... yeah they sound amazing live. That's what sold me on them. We were at PASIC a few years back next to the Pearl booth and after listening to people play those toms for a few days and testing the kit a couple times I knew I wanted one. The toms are so punchy and fat sounding and they hold their tone even when the heads aren't that tight. I put some new heads on that kit recently, I have yet to really test them out. I'll report back once I've played on them a bit.
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