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  1. Pearlplayer1990

    Default My rebuilt kit from 15 years ago

    This is a really big deal to me what I'm about to post and show you all. Every Drummer should keep their first kit they started with as a reminder how far they've come as musician.

    Here I give to you my reborn 2000 Era Pearl Fourm Series that had not been played and sitting in attic at parents since I was 12 years old.. I didn't have a drum kit to play an buying one was not in the fold so I did next smartest thing. And now these will live forever regardless what other set I go with next..

    I totally redid them.

    2.3mm Chrome Hoops for both top and bottoms of all drums
    Black Powdercoated Bass Drum Hoops
    Brand New Fourm FZH Lugs for all drums
    Matte Black Wraps for all drums
    Evans Drumheads for both batter and reso's

    Enjoy the pictures.

    2000 Era Pearl Fourm Series Matte Black Wrap

    22x16 Kick (made virgin)
    13x9 Tom (was a 13x11)
    16x16 Floor Tom
    14x6.5 Sensitone Premium Beaded Brass Snare
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    Nice work. Still have my first kit, actually in as good of shape today as when I got it. I'll always have that kit.
    18 kits and 40+ snares.......Yea I might be addicted to drums.

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