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  1. Looks That Kill

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    Quote Originally Posted by robstafaria View Post
    Quick question for you wood/fiberglass kit owners. How would you rate the shell or drum weight? I guess I am wondering if the fiberglass layer adds a lot of weight to the drums.

    Heavy to me would be a Reference shell.

    Thanks, Rob
    if anything I think the optimounts are what adds the weight. I am pondering putting Ludwig atlas mounts on mine
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  2. Rob the drummer

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    Thanks guys!
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    I'm having a similar issue with my new W/F kit - the stock 2-ply pinstripes really deaden the sound. I'm using the drums mostly for straight ahead jazz, and what to get the toms to sing and really resonate. I had a W/F kit in the 70's and liked the tone. I would like a coated head (ambassador weight) but want to stay clear of REMO. Has any one tried Evans UV1 heads on these shells? Or, some other vendor like Aquarian?

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    I've been using some White Suede Emperors on my toms and they sound great.

    For the kick, it's been pretty standard for me –*coated Powerstroke 3 on batter side with a coated Emperor Bass on the reso with a felt strip.

    Here's a video of that setup mic'ed up –*

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