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    Default The best instructional DVDs and books?

    I am taking up the drums again after about a 30 year lapse. I'm more than a beginner, but have LOTS to improve upon and learn. Do any of you have any books or videos that were particularly helpful along the way (I am also taking lessons)? Thanks in advance.

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    The Jim Chapin moeller method is amazing. Sadly I never had the patience or will to sit and learn it, lol.

    Under the Table and Drumming from Carter Beauford is an awesome experience in itself. Pretty advanced though...
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    Stick control for the snare drummer
    Progressive Steps to Syncopation for the Modern Drummer
    4-Way Coordination: A Method Book for the Development of Complete Independence on the Drum Set
    Currently working on Rhythmic Visions DVD.
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    Buddy Rich's Rudiment book.
    Neil Pearts instructional DVDs are great as well, Anatomy of a drum solo, A work in progress, taking centre stage. And Todd Suchermans dvd - Methods and Mechanics

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    as far as videos, I only have Jojo Mayer's 2 technique DVDs and they're both incredible. very thorough and easy to understand. the more basic techniques are pretty easily absorbed. I can't recommend them enough as far as technique instruction goes, even if you do have a great teacher.

    for books I use The New Breed (religiously), The Art of Bop Drumming, Syncopation, and Future Sounds. That's most of your ground covered, and most everyone will recommend at least 2 of these books. if you do a lot of practice pad stuff, Stick Control and Accents & Rebounds are your best friends.

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    You guys are great. Thank you.

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    Tommy Igoe's "Great Hands for a Lifetime" DVD is great for hand technique! I own both of JoJo's DVD's, and while they're awesome in their own right...the hand technique DVD can be a bit overwhelming because of its exhaustive coverage of the topic (It's pretty much the encyclopedia of the subject). Tommy's GHFAL is a more no-nonsense approach to hand technique and seems easier to understand (to me, anyway).

    I'm currently working with GHFAL (and JoJo's foot technique DVD) and when I feel I've gotten the hang of Tommy's concepts, I'll move on to JoJo's hand DVD.
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    Stick control.
    Master studies 1 & 2.
    Any of this guy's books.
    The Erskine Method for Drumset
    Virgil Donati Double Bass Drum Freedom
    David Garibaldi's Future Sounds: A Book of Contemporary Drumset Concepts.
    Portraits in Rhythm by Anthony Cirone
    Even in the Odds by Ralph Humphrey
    All the Wilcoxon books.
    New Breed.
    Bass Drum Control by Colin Bailey
    Musician's Guide to Polyrhythms (Vol. 1 & 2) by Peter Magadini

    All the above have proven useful in my teaching career.

    There is also the MD 25 top books. I do not agree with every choice but it is not bad.

    1. Stick Control by George L. Stone
    2. Syncopation by Ted Reed
    3. Advanced Techniques for the Modern Drummer by Jim Chapin
    4. Accents and Rebounds by George L. Stone
    5. Master Studies by Joe Morello
    6. Musician's Guide to Polyrhythms (Vol. 1 & 2) by Peter Magadini
    7. The New Breed by Gary Chester
    8. Portraits in Rhythm by Anthony Cirone
    9. Studio & Big Band Drumming by Steve Houghton
    10. Future Sounds by David Garibaldi
    11. Realistic Rock by Carmine Appice
    12. Afro-Cuban Rhythms for Drumset by Frank Malabe and Bob Weiner
    13. Drum Concepts and Techniques by Peter Erskine
    14. Modern School for Snare Drum by Morris Goldenberg
    15. Double Bass Drumming by Joe Franco
    16. The Sound of Brushes by Ed Thigpen
    17. Bass Drum Control by Colin Bailey
    18. Modern Rudimental Swing Solos by Charlie Wilcoxon
    19. Patterns (Vol. 1,2,3,4) by Gary Chaffee
    20. Buddy Rich's Modern Interpretation of Snare Drum Rudiments by Buddy Rich & Henry Adler
    21. Advanced Funk Studies by Rick Latham
    22. Modern Reading Text in 4/4 by Bellson and Breines
    23. Drum Wisdom by Bob Moses
    24. Even in the Odds by Ralph Humphrey
    25. The Drumset with Afro-Caribbean Rhythms (Parts 1 & 2) by Chuck Silverman
    Check out my incomplete snare drum collection thread. I like it and think it is quite charming. :)


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