I'm looking at getting a new marching snare sometime in the next 6 months, and am starting to evaluate my options. I played Championship FFXs in high school and loved them. My only complaint was the weight...which wasn't a big deal back then, but at 37, is now a consideration. I've been trying to find the weight specs for the Championship and CarbonCore FFXs, but can't seem to locate them. I do see on Pearl's site that the Medalist pipe drums are a mere 13.8 pounds. I would have killed for something that weight when I was marching 5 days a week in high school! I'm looking at the 13"x11" models to save some weight and also to get a higher note without cranking the pee out of the head (I still have the gift of carpal tunnel from my first season playing on kevlar 20+ years ago).

Can someone point me in the direction of these weight specs please? Thanks!