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    So far my all-time favorite was a 20" Sabian Hand Hammered Jazz Ride. It just seemed to fit perfectly into anything, and sounded great both live, and in recordings. Really nice classic sounding bell, good stick definition with a dark wash, but it was thin enough that it really woke up when crashed with none of the gong like tones of thicker rides. It was just a great all around cymbal that could do the work of 2 or 3 different cymbals! Unfortunately I sold it years ago when I wasn't really playing and needed the cash.

    I'm currently playing a 21" Sabian AA Dry Ride which is a really nice cymbal, but it just doesn't have the versatility that I had become accustomed to with the Jazz Ride. As soon as I can save up some cash I plan to find another one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Furious Styles View Post
    20" K Custom Dark. Accept no substitutes.
    I just grabbed a K Custom Dark 20 and that cymbal can make anything possible!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrummerDawg91 View Post
    Sabian AA Bash Ride 21. Best ride I've ever owned. Very versatile, sounds great when used as a ride and when crashed and wash riding. And the raw bell really cuts through and has a great sound.
    I totally agree. I reacquired mine recently and used it on a gig last weekend. It is one fine musical instrument. Peace and goodwill.
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