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  1. MCXMochaTamoMadden

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    Default Byzance, Artisan, Bosphorus, Istanbul, K/Kerope/Constantinople, or others...

    Of Meinl Byzance, Sabian Artisan, Bosphorus, Istanbul Agop/Mehmet, Zildjian K/Kerope/Constantinople, and any others I missed: Which in this generally thin, generally over hammered, and sonically complex group do you favor, for which styles, and why? Any brand/series experiences or preferences?

    Also, have you experienced these types of cymbals influencing your playing and musicality? Do you change your musical approach with these types of cymbals?

    For example, I have noticed that I have begun to allow much more space in grooves and fuller, broad accents with these types of cymbals and have not enjoyed more generic sounding "clean" cymbals for their lack of complexity. Lately, it seems for me that a clean ping most often loses to a shimmering, broad warm underbelly with very little exception. Keeping in mind as always that preference is everything to each individual player and different styles call for different tools. What's your opinion and experience?
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  2. Angoose

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    Byzances for me. Love so many of them! I've owned most of the Sabian Legacys (both 20"s, the 22, and 1/18 crashes) and Artisans (15/18, couple of 20s, and a 22). The legacy crashes are amazing, the 20" rides aren't. Too thick and clean and brash. The artisan crashes are yucky. hats are nice, but heavy, and the light rides are lush.
    I've owned a few bosphorus as well, and although they're nice, they're a bit too clean for me, and also the centre holes are smaller, inhibiting their movement and the diameters are smaller as well (18" crashes weren't 18....)
    I have played and liked a lot of Istanbul agops too. If Meinl didn't exist, i'd have a few of those. The SE jazz rides, 30th anniversary, sigs, OMs, Epochs, and trad darks

    Byzance wise, i've again had a silly amount. Bought a lot recently for good prices, so i'm choosing my favourites and selling the rest.

    14" trad medium hats - meh, weird overtone.
    15" trad medium hats - very nice, but not that light
    14" sand hats - bottom is super heavy, i use a HHX evo top instead, sold the bottom.
    8" trad splash -quite nice. They vary a lot though
    10" dark splash - nice, but not that loud. very like the HHX splashes
    16" dark crash - okay, but confirmed that 18" is the smallest i'll go for a crash. Nice in a hi hat pair though!
    18" jazz thin crash - very weird, shame, soundfiles sound amazing, but not great in person
    18" dark crash - freaking love it. dry, trashy, cuts well, rides okay as well. Useful in any situation.
    18" sand thin crash - (coming next week)
    18" Extra thin hammered crash - misleading, and it's actually more like medium. It's like an old K con/K dark thin but nicer. Quite similar to the dark as well, but not as dry.
    20" extra thin hammered crash - mega thin, quite loud, but awesome. useless as a ride.
    20" extra dry thin ride - like a lot of the extra drys, a bit brash and harsh, but apart from that lovely.
    20" vintage pure light - very cool, not sure how useful it is though. I keep it more as a bit of fun, haha
    20" vintage sand ride - due to the unlathed banding at the edge underneath it plays and feels like a heavier ride than it is. Not a fan. Bell is lovely though. Crash is too gongy as well. Would be great at high volumes but nowhere else IMO.
    20" jazz sweet light (coming next week)
    22" jazz big apple - GORGEOUS. light, lovely definition, would fit into many a situation that isn't really loud. crash is lush too.
    22" dark spectrum - not that heavy, lovely wash, very similar to the legacy heavy ride. Works beautifully as a big band or pop ride.

    I think my final setup will end up being:
    14" sand/evo hats
    7" evo splash
    10" dark splash
    18" dark
    18" sand thin OR 18" legacy
    20" jazz sweet light OR 20" extra hammered
    22" artisan light (old, lovely patina so it's quite dry with great definition)
    22" jazz big apple

    That'll cover the jazz/fusion/big band stuff i play.

  3. PS4 Whore

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    I love the Artisan series for their dark sound and slight trashiness

    But Artisan cymbals and Sabian in general designated "thin" are not as thin as Zildjian Ks, Bosphorus Traditionals etc

    Other Turkish and Chinese and American companies makes thin cymbals too

    Amedia, Soultone, Masterworks, Agean etc etc

    Dream cymbals bliss and vintage bliss are pretty thin

    Wuhan New Traditionals are thin

    And the crazy HAMMERAX LIQUICY!!!!!!!!!

    No words to describe the craziness

    Only to see and play in person can you see
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  4. Registered User

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    Anyone have much experience with Dream Bliss crash/rides, Vintage Bliss, or Bliss paperthins? These seem like the least expensive complex cymbals you can buy, and I'm interested in hearing some opinions about them.


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