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    I had been playing just snare in school for a few years before I got the kit. I don't remember the size of any of the drums but they were probably the same. I got the FT before the Camber 2 Cymbal and then hats also with Camber 2 cymbals. That was a long time ago! You remember all of the details I probably never knew; ie sizes etc. The Kent Kit got me started.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nova View Post
    It's a lot better than what I started with. Where are all of the young drummers that should be showing their cool first kits? I started with a Kent like this; from Montgomery Wards; only Red Sparkle (after a Ludwig snare drum) and added a matching Slingerland FT and a Camber 2 Cymbal and a hi hat. Note the luxurious hardware! Played it night and day and got told to stop often and they finally sold it and sent me to military school.
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    I began on a three piece E.W. Kent kit in red sparkle manufactured in Kenmore, NY. 14x5 snare, 20" kick and 12" tom (no floor tom) a set of early 70's zildjian 14" old avedis hi-hats and a 20" ride with rivets in it.
    Too funny guys. I just saw this thread. And I was like "hey! That's what I started on" Here's a picture from early 1982 after I got this kit for Christmas 1981. No Hihat for the first six months. 20" kick drum, 12" tom, snare and a 12" crash/splash cymbal
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