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    Default Single from our upcoming album featuring Pearl!

    Hello Everyone,

    Bit of shameless promotion here

    This is the first single off our upcoming record. Would be awesome if you guys could give it a listen, and possibly subscribe to our Spotify or YT Channel.

    Kit is Decade Maple 18X14 Kick, 16X16 FT, and 14X3.5 Maple Free Floater. I'm pleased with the kick and snare sounds, but the floor tom not so much (it's passable but not amazing). Going to be experimenting with some new skins and tuning for the next set of recordings.

    Record will be out in a few months (Digital, Cassette, and 7").

    Thanks, and please enjoy!

    Oh and don't forget to drink strawberry soda

    Practice Kit:
    Pearl: 14X3.5FFM, 16X16DM, 18X14DM
    A Cstm: 13" MS Hats, 10" Spl, 20 Proj, 18" EFX, 6.5" ZilBel

    Gig Kit:
    Pearl: 13X3 Piccolo, 13X10 Masters, 16X16 Export Kick
    A Cstm: 13" MS Hats, 20" Proj, 6.5" ZilBel, 8" Spl

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    Sounds cool! I like it!
    Check out the band: State Line Syndicate


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