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  1. psychic warfare

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    Quote Originally Posted by KG View Post
    I may be willing to part with mine, if you're still interested? Feel free to PM me
    i believe i made that post last year... before i went to the meet n greet in Pennsylvania...and also ...zildjian ......just when i think im free .......they pull me back in ...lool
    im currently back to solidifying my zildjian line the priority for a nice sabian ride is kinda low now however the futures not totally over for sabian and me ..ive got more than one kit but im gonna work on my zildjian collection first ..

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    Hehehehe, no worries man. I kinda flip-flop at times about selling it. Realistically, I have like at least three other rides that I prefer to it so, I don't really have any immediate plans to use it. But..I'm also a hoarder and like to collect stuff..including cymbals so either way it doesn't bother me to sell/trade it, or keep it. Good luck with your Zilly's!

    Take care

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    Picked up this 22" XSR Monarch Ride last week. Played it a set Thursday night and used it all night Saturday night. Not a cymbal for metal players. It's like an Elmer Fudd cymbal, "Be vewy, vewy, qwiet". Great for trditional jazz or lower volume blues. Loud, rockin' blues and this guy gets ate up.
    That's why I'm not sure how I'm going to use it. I'd hate to have a two ride set up but this thing really helped me out on the softer stuff we play. Quite a bit of our straight ahead stuff turned out to be not as loud as I thought and it worked great on stuff like Born Under A Bad Sign, a song we do called Murdered by Love, and a lot more. But, I could have used my AAX Stage Ride on the louder stuff.
    This cymbal sort of reminds me of some of the older Zildjians that seemed to come my way in the late 70's and early 80's. It's a pretty cool cymbal. A lot of character in the tone.

    Pearl Prestige Session/SPX drums
    Pearl MCX 5"x14" #258 Black Silk

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    The newest addition to my collection. 24" AA Medium ride. This thing kicks ***! It's warm, and is an absolute monster when you open it up.
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