Yesterday I tried using Vic Firth timpani mallets (forgot the model number, will post it when I next see the mallets) and got a much better result volume-wise from the timpani. From another forum, I was given advice on how to strike the timpani which is different than how you'd typically strike a drumkit. The only downside to using these mallets is a bit less low end BOOM from the concert bass drum. I spent a good chunk of time finding the sweet spot on the bass drum where I can achieve the most BOOM while still getting the brighter overtones, which was very helpful. The percussion section in this group consists of a drummer playing a standard drumkit minus a kick drum... in place of the kick is a trigger pedal which triggers a snare drum sound which is used in conjunction with a real snare drum on his kit. I'm playing 2 timpani, concert bass drum and a gong. The overall concept was to create a drum section that sounds very much like a drumkit with monstrous sounding bass drums - the concert bass drum and timpani parts approximate what a drummer would play on his kicks in a somewhat standard metal format with a good amount of embellishment. We've been working on it for months and it's really starting to come together well now but since some of the drums we're using weren't designed for this type use, there are a number of technical issues, hence my posts. Thanks a lot for the ongoing advice. It's been helpful.