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    Quote Originally Posted by MusicMan View Post
    Pure sex, yes!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drumming-4-Life View Post
    The wait is always the hardest part. Once you get them... all of that emptiness will quickly vanish. Congratulations!
    I know! Experienced this once before with my's hard, very hard, but very worth it!
    BTW. When I looked around on youtube a few days ago (trying to decide which kit to chose) I bumped into your "unboxing" video of the Masterworks..amazing kit man! Loved the video and the kit!

    Thanks guys for all the nice comments. As soon as it's in I will some photos and videos..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Funky Animal View Post
    I know! Experienced this once before with my's hard, very hard, but very worth it!

    I agree. After ordering a few MW kits over the years (and waiting 7-9 months with fingers crossed each time), I finally discovered I could customize the Pearl stock shells myself and it's made a huge difference. I was always ordering Piano Black drums (which are a stock finish anyway) just to get specific sizes and modifications that I learned I could do myself.

    Now I just call Nashville and make sure the shells I need are in stock and then I get them in about a week and do the little modifications myself. I liked the MW concept, but I just got tired of waiting and occasionally finding a mistake that couldn't be fixed promptly.

    I especially love working with the new Reference Pure hardware because it is "modular" so there are several variations of the lugs that are easy to do (which makes it possible to have shell depths and lug and hoop options that aren't possible on any other Pearl series).

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