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    Default Massive Kick Drum Mic Review

    You guys are gonna love this. A video of 20 kick mics being compared both solo'd and in a full drum set context. With so much choice out there, these reviews are very useful.

    So which are your favorites/least favorites and why? Your responses will be made more interesting if you mention what kind of music you tend to play. If you own and/or have you gotten to use any of those mics already, did the clips in the video give you a familiar sound or not?

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    I really liked the Avantone. I think if I got one of those and a Shure SM57, I could get a Zoom H4N and do some serious recording!

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    I never tried my SM57's in the kick drums. After listening, I am still pleased with my set of Audix D6's. I play metal for the most part. Kicks sound killer live. I use two 22x16 Tama Artstar II (maple) bass drums on stage. Those have Evans Emads over EQ3's with an Evans EQ pad in each against the batter. At the moment, my band and I are prepping our own 24/7 rehearsal/recording studio and I'll be moving a few of my drums and equipment in there. I'll soon have a chance to put these to the test. I'm not bringing my double kick kit, so I'll be using a single 20x16 Tama Granstar (birch). It has an Emad over Remo Powerstroke 3 with 5in port. I'd like to possibly try an Evans Onyx reso. The second D6 will be on my floor tom(s).


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