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    Quote Originally Posted by Drumming-4-Life View Post
    I combined all of that stuff, because that's what I found, and had money for. My friend sold me those huge concert toms. They were actually black, but I didn't care that they didn't match. Down the road, I found a pair of 8 and 10" concert toms, bought some midnight blue wrap from Tama, had the 14 and 15" concert toms converted to closed toms, and wrapped them all in midnight blue. I can't find any mics of the kit after all of those mods, but it was really looking closer to my "dream" kit after all of those changes, and a 2nd kick drum!
    Ah, the days of piecing together all sorts of drums, in my case colors and brands to emulate my early drum heroes and their massive kits! I think I got hooked on buying better equipment when I purchased my first Zildjian Cymbal (around 1980) which was a 20" medium ride! That was my turning point! All my money I made washing dishes went to drum equipment thereafter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dale w miller View Post
    Was there such a thing as a double pedal back then? I thought they didn’t come out until the 90’s.
    This is what my first DW double pedal was like. You could attach any main pedal you like to the base plate. I think I had a Camco pedal or Ludwig pedal as the main. I remember the Tama King Beat pedal didn't attach as nicely, because it didn't have those thin bars at the bottom, to fit under the DW clamp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drumming-4-Life View Post
    Really nice! I had those exact midnight blue Imperialstars, back in the early 80's, all the way through the early 90's. I (foolishly) replaced them with Rockstars.
    You definitely have a theme that pervades your kits through the ages. Certainly a man who knows what he wants.

    Quote Originally Posted by AL PERCIVAL View Post
    Frank Beard / ZZ Top 50th Anniversary Tama Kit Artwork by Johnny Douglas
    There is so much to unpack here, I don't know where to start. Very ZZ Top.


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