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    Quote Originally Posted by dale w miller View Post
    Not mine. It’s actually for sale, but this guy wants over $6K for a DW cast bronze snare. What the....,,,. I don’t care how good it sounds. I’m sure we could buy almost a dozen snares for that same amount and they all sound just as good.
    That price is over the norm. The DW True Cast sells for around $4K, and sells out as soon as they are available. Not saying it's a good drum or a good price, just that enough people want them compared to the number being offered for sale. While I'm content with my cast bronze snare, I would definitely pick up an old Tama for restoration, if the price were right. I would also like the old Noble & Cooley Zildjian snare, but they typically very expensive (if not cracked).
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    Quote Originally Posted by 7empest View Post
    My wife looked through my ebay cart and hooked me up with this 14 X 6.5 Masters Custom MMX for Christmas. 20ish years old and still mint condition. Looks great with the wine red finish on my BRX and matches the Popcorn snare perfectly.
    Sweet! How do you like it?
    up yours

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